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Student Life

As Torah and Art reach into all aspects of life, so too must your program at Midreshet Emunah v'Omanut.


Our Campus

Living in Jerusalem in comfort and safety is a unique privilege and blessing granted our generation. Our campus feels like living in Jerusalem, spiritually and aesthetically. It consists of a classic Jerusalem-style school building and lovely nearby dormitory facilities. The school building includes the Stark Beit Midrash, classrooms, studios, music rooms, recording facilities and offices.


Our Dorm

We live in a beautiful spacious classic Jerusalem home with a garden and full kitchen. Located in the Greek Colony, our neighborhood offers a quiet little corner that is still very close to the exciting restaurants and culture of Emek Refaim and the First Station. Our neighborhood has a wide variety of synagogues and a vibrant Anglo Community ready to invite you for a shabbat meal.


Our Kitchen

Our Kitchen is staffed with a dedicated in house chef which means fresh home-cooked, delicious and nutritious meals. We serve a hot milchig meal for lunch and hot fleishig meal for dinner. Students also enjoy a simple breakfast at school. We maintain a Mehedrin Kashrut standard. During Shmitta, we embrace the educational and spiritual opportunity to teach about and partake in Kedushat Shvi'ite produce from Otzer Ha'aretz. Our in house chef is responsive to many dietary needs including Gluten-free and Vegetarian options. 

Challah Breads

Shabbatot and Chaggim

Living a year in Israel means celebrating the Jewish calendar in rhythm with the seasons and in harmony with the nation. These holidays will be peak moments in your year. As a community, Emunah v’Omanut will prepare for and celebrate many of these Chaggim together. We will work to ensure you experience them in the most inspiring environment possible. We celebrate in Shabbatot once a month, traveling to inspiring locations all across the country. Shabbat in Tzfat, in a Desert Community, in the Old City of Jerusalem, to name a few. You are never required to vacate your dorm room, not for optional Shabbatot nor for Chol HaMoed. Students often organize and celebrate optional Shabbatot together. 

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Your Teacher's Table

The personal attention and relationships you develop with your teachers will transform a stimulating education into a life-changing year. Your teachers will open their homes to you so that you can enjoy the warmth and caring of a home environment even when you are far from home.



Every week you will have an opportuning to grow through giving, helping Israelis from all walks of life. You might use your artistic talents to help a youngster with school, brighten up an elderly person’s day, or together with friends create a Purim fair in an underprivileged neighborhood. Extending ourselves to help others is a value we wish to emulate. But in truth it is also a wonderful way to stretch beyond your comfort zone, learn, practice your Hebrew and experience the reality of Israel.

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You will have opportunities for exciting tiyulim and Shabbatonim which bring alive the Tanach and offer a window into Israel’s living history, natural beauty and tapestry of Jewish cultures. You will enjoy extended trips in the Golan, Galil and the Negev. With Tanach in hand, you will walk the paths of our forefathers and understand these narratives with a relevance and clarity only available by learning in Eretz Yisrael. Israel’s breathtaking vistas will call forth an artistic response. With camera, easel and sketchbook always close, you will create your impression of these awe inspiring sights.  Opportunities for Torah and art education in Israel are endless. You will learn from field trips to archaeological digs, museums, historical reconstructions and ancient synagogues.

Stone Steps


Throughout the year, you will participate in different seminars designed to address topics beyond the course curriculum. Here, you will hear speakers elucidating current events in Israel or issues of Torah and Ethics. Near the end of the year you will discuss the myriad issues bound up with returning home after a year in Midrasha. These include dealing with the challenges of campus life, Israel advocacy, Jewish leadership and incorporating the experiences of a year in Israel into the rest of your life.


Art, Music, and Museums

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