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Book of Chords


We offer a robust curriculum designed to support our students in their music studies. As they learn technical, performance, interpretive, and musical literary skills, we encourage our students to explore the connections between their musical practice and their religious life. Our students participate in the creative process of composing original music and lyrics as well as enjoying performance opportunities.


Individual Music Instruction

Students receive weekly private instruction on the instrument of their choice. Voice training is also available.

Choral Ensemble

Under the directorship of a dynamic choir master, students will improve vocal skills. They will gain performance expertise through seasonal concerts before female only audiences.

Music Workshop

Here students creatively combine Torah study and musical improvisation to produce original interpretive works.


Master Classes

Students gain performance experience with regular guided peer sharings and small ensemble work.

Studio Production

Students learn to use our in-house studio equipment to record, arrange and produce original compositions


Concerts, Guest Musicians

Students will be exposed to the vibrant community of religious artists engaged in the current renaissance of Jewish music.

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