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Hebrew Language - Ulpan

Speak up the language of the Hebrew Man

Instructor: Ulpan L’Inyan

Credits: 1 credit hour

'בעוד עשרים שנה, מה תספרי לנכדים על השנה ב'אמונה ואומנות' ?

Could you read the sentence above? NNNOOO? ooooops!

Don't you think that it would be absurd to be a year in Israel without improving your Hebrew ? Come to our ULPAN class to read, write, talk, laugh in Hebrew. 100% pure Hebrew, no preservatives, no artificial additions!

Israel Your Classroom

Instructor: Ms Rivi Frankel

Credits: 3 credit hours

There is so much to learn outside of the classroom here in Israel. Israel is filled with ancient history, as well as modern history in this incredible country which has been recreating itself since it became the State of Israel after a 2000 year hiatus of Jewish rule. In this class we will travel in Jerusalem and around Jerusalem using the city as a classroom to help us understand the history, diversity and complexity of this land and people.

Israel Advocacy


Masa Israel Course

Instructor: Rabbi Michael Unterberg

Credits: 1 credit hour                              

“I once called Zionism an infinite ideal, and I truly believe that even after we attain our land, the land of Israel, it will not cease to be an ideal. Zionism, as I see it, entails not only an aspiration for a piece of land legally ours, but also for moral and spiritual integrity”.

- Benjamin Zeev Herzl -1904

This course provides an in-depth understanding of the Zionist narrative and how it conflicts with the Palestinian narrative. Topics covered throughout the course include Jerusalem, Palestinian refugees, settlements, border disputes, security concerns and the struggle for peace. By addressing these complex issues head on, students will gain the knowledge to effectively articulate an informed position regarding one of the longest running modern conflicts.

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