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Colorful Pens

Fine Art

At Emunah v'Omanut we offer a wide range of fine art studies and mediums in several levels so that our students, whether beginner level or more advanced in their art studies, will find an opportunity to grow and challenge themselves.

Experts in a variety of fine and graphic arts guide and challenge our students as they explore new skills, mediums, and styles. We embrace the connection between art and Torah, and encourage our students to explore those links in our Integrative Torah-Art Studio. Emunah v'Omanut also provides the opportunity to connect with the vibrant community of religious artists in Israel, through studio visits and guest teachers.

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From the elements of perspective and shading to detailed portraiture, you will find expert guidance meeting you at your level and helping you to grow. Learn to see as an artist so that you can capture and express the mood and tone of your subjects.


In extensive studio work you will develop skills in color and composition in a host of media, methods and styles. You will work under professional painters who are expert educators.

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Deepen your understanding of the elements that make for a great sculpture: points of tension, static and dynamic forms, space and substance, balance and discord. You will learn the possibilities and limits of different materials by working with them.

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Imagine the Land of Israel, the arches and niches of Jerusalem as your photography studio. Guided by a gifted photographer, you will develop both technical skill and artistic sensitivity in the key elements which make for great pictures: composition, lighting, depth of field. Your work will focus in the world of the digital and include post-production computer graphics

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Integrative Torah-Art Studio

You will experiment with a range of media including glasswork, animation, papercuts, and calligraphy. You will engage in projects designed to give expression to a variety of Torah ideas. You will learn about installation art and find creative venues to express the themes of each Holiday throughout the year.

Studio Visits

Israel is home to a vibrant community of religious artists. These artists will share with you their sources of inspiration and technical craft.

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