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Department of Fine Arts

General Approach

Experts in a variety of fine and graphic arts will guide and challenge you to new levels of accomplishment in a warm and supportive atmosphere. We offer courses at a range of levels so you will advance in your skills no matter what your starting point. Our educational approach combines an appreciation for contemporary artistic themes with eternal Jewish values.


Instructor:  Mrs Eva Avidar

Credits:  2 credit hours

Students will acquire a solid foundation and advanced skills in the various areas of ceramics including throwing, design and sculpture.

Students will understand how the historical and cultural forces affected the basic technological advances in the craft of clay refinement, color and glazes and firing.  The studio portion of the course will explore the various aspects of ceramics through a rich variety of techniques and approaches.


Intermediate Painting

Instructor:  Mr Jeff Alon

Credits:  2 credit hours

This class explores the components of visual language, from brush stroke, to tonality, temperature, hue, shape, rhythm, and composition. Students will learn the painting process, using acrylics, beginning with exercises in paint application and color, gradually leading to bringing together the traditional elements of painting in a more individualized manner. Subject matter includes still life, landscape, the figure, Jerusalem, religious themes and personal topics. Students will be exposed to Israeli art and world art for inspiration. Each student will receive individual instruction and critique. Oil paint and mixed media will be introduced during second semester. The main goal is for students to immerse themselves in their paintings beyond the classroom, towards the completion a body of work.


Advanced Painting

Instructor:  Mrs Leah Raab

Credits:  2 credit hours

The course will explore the fundamental concerns of gaining proficiency in oil painting. The student will work on a series of increasingly complex assignments.  The class will place emphasis on developing the student's sensitivity to light and shadow, edge control, color theory, brush handling, and composition. The student will begin the year working in the traditional grisaille technique, moving on to a limited color pallet, and finally working in a full color pallet.


Integrative Studio

Instructor:  Mrs Franny Waisman and rotating artists

Credits:  2 credit hours

The integrative studio provides students with a framework and laboratory for the one of the central missions of the Emunah V’Omanut program.  Here students explore themes in Judaism through artistic explorations.  A rotating cadre of visiting artist will introduce the students to a variety of new media.  Students receive instruction in the background and technique of the media and then utilize it in exploratory work centered on different Jewish themes.  The variety of media includes calligraphy, paper cut, glass work, ceramics, textiles and installation art.  Our educational emphasis will be on developing student’s abstract, visual and associative thinking skills in the production of what might be termed “visual midrash.”  Explorations often begin with an encounter with a trigger text.  Students are required to produce original works throughout the studio which represent their individual explorations in Jewish themes such as biblical narratives, couplehood – Adam and Eve, The Sukka as an installation, Prayer, Exile and Redemption, Kodesh and Chol – Holy and Profane, Between the Hidden and Revealed.

Intermediate Drawing

Instructor: Mrs Leah Raab

Credits: 2 credit hours

This class introduces students to basic drawing techniques and skills necessary for accurate rendering. Students have the opportunity to experiment, using a variety of media, including; pencil, charcoal, pen and ink, washes, colored pencil, graphite, conte crayon, pastel, oil pastel, watercolor and marker. Students are encouraged to observe their surroundings, learn new ways of using materials, to become familiar with well known drawings and be able to critique artwork. Subject matter includes still life, the figure, nature, landscape and Jerusalem cityscape. Emphasis is given to quality of line, form, composition, perspective, proportion, and shadow, so that students will be able to create illusions of space and volume. The main goal is to develop a love and confidence in drawing to enable them to visually record the year in Israel, while acquiring advanced skills for creative personal expression.


Advanced Drawing

Instructor: Mr Jeff Alon

Credits: 2 credit hours

In this class, we will delve into the various aspects of visual language, exploring how drawing responds to and renders world. Using line, tone and shape, we will investigate form, movement, light, volume, space and composition. Throughout, we will look at works from art history, in order to understand how other artists have explored the same questions. Students will experiment with a variety of media, including pencil, charcoal, ink, watercolor, colored pencil, pastel, oil pastel, and collage. Subject matter will include still life, the figure, landscape, the Jerusalem cityscape, and personal projects. The main goal is to deepen the interaction with the visual world, building up sensitivity to its richness and variety. Students will expand their drawing repertoire, experimenting with different styles in order to develop a personal voice and language. 


Mixed Media

Instructor: Mrs Leah Raab

Credits: 2 credit hours

In “Mixed Media”, (or more affectionately referred to as “Everything But the Kitchen Sink” ) we will experiment with and explore a variety of traditional and untraditional media to create art forms. Each students’ vision and choices of materials, creativity, individuality and self-expression will be encouraged. Technical instruction relating to the work will be taught or demonstrated.  Materials  include pencil, charcoal, crayon, colored pencil, marker, pen and ink, watercolor, acrylic paint, oil pastel, dry pastel, newspaper, magazines, fabric, sticks, wire, string, and found objects. Suggestions for other unusual media or new ways of using and combining materials are welcome.


Open Studio

Instructors:  Mr Jeff Alon & Mrs Leah Raab

Credit: 2 credit hours

Open Studio is a time for you to lead a piece of your art education. Come to the studio and work on art pieces that are not part of your art class assignments. It is a time to consult with skilled art educators and create works that continue to develop and expand your abilities as well as your capacity to express yourself using drawing and painting.

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