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In this track, students will develop a broad understanding of the major differences in approach among great acting theorists, and begin to put these theories into practice. Students will learn how to approach a scene, a character, and a monologue in order to translate it into a believable stage portrayal. We will use short scenes and monologues in our analyses and practice, and students will build toward the creation and performance of their own original biblical monologues or short scenes by the end of the year. They will choose their subjects based on what they find meaningful and compelling, and on what they would like to explore more deeply. The drama and acting skills that students develop will also serve them in the future in the analysis of Torah and general literature through use of imagination, empathy, and respect for the intent and integrity of the original work.

Since our drama department is headed by a producer, outstanding students will have the opportunity for an internship in play production. They can be involved from start to finish in a production for Israeli theater in English. They will be the directors assistant, involved in every aspect of the show: casting, rehearsals, positioning, acting, stage direction, scenery as components of the play as well as actual real time production. They will meet members of the English Speaking community of actors and performers. This is a golden opportunity for any student interested in developing a broad range of drama skills.

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